Omara Kurzdorfer

Thank you for stopping by. This website is one of the many things I enjoy tinkering on. The site runs on a flat file system I developed named, MoFlats. It's pretty basic at this point, but it does the job. Eventually, I plan on adding a commenting system and a search engine. Until then, I suppose visitors will be roughing it.

Right now, Micronicon is living in a Linode on the east coast, so far away! I'm located all the way in Campo, California. It's usually dry and hot here, but this year (2019) we're having beautiful weather. I should actually be outside right now, but there are computer things to do.

On Micronicon, you'll find various creations of mine, free for download including forms, desktop wallpapers, and icons. I will also post tutorials and articles here. I hope you find something usefull. Questions or comments can reach me here.