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Tweetie-Pie Birds (Bars, Badges, & Icons)

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Yay! It's freebie time again! I have some sickeningly-cute, original Twitter graphics for you, plus a nice bonus: the original PSD files are included! That means you can use these illustrations in your own designs, and can arrange them the way you like, no need to thank me! ;)

You get 4 different styles for the badges, with 4 different colors (16 in all.)

Preview: Tweetie-Pie Birds Badges

There are 16 little banner/bar-style designs too. I've thrown in some PNG icon versions as well in 512x512, 256x256, and 128x128. Nice 'n' big! So, go forth and have fun with these graphics. Use them however you wish.

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Cotton Candy Clouds

Download Post / # / bitterhusk / 2008-11-16 @ 10:00 PM / "Wallpapers" / 4 /

Wallpaper - Cotton Candy Clouds

A few months ago, I was playing around with various background extraction techniques in Photoshop. I gathered some stock photos of clouds, and attempted to separate them from other elements in the composition (particularly the sky). This wallpaper was the result of those trials. So far, I have been using it as my custom Twitter background, and it provides a nice, relaxed kind of feel. If you want to set your theme up similarly, use the following design colors:

  • Background: #483338
  • Text: #E0CCA9
  • Links: #B0284B
  • Sidebar: #483338
  • Sidebar Border: #483338


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